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Compare cheap flight tickets and discount airfares to over 4000 destinations worldwide.

Save time and money - Compare cheap flight tickets deals and discounted airfares of major international airlines, including low cost budget carriers and holiday charter flight operators. Start by entering your travel details into the flight search engine, select your cheap flights from the availability display then simply click to book your flight ticket direct with the airline, travel agent or airline consolidator.

Top 10 cheap flight destinations:
Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Boston Chicago Geneva Hong Kong Montreal New York Palma Paris Prague Rome Stockholm Tenerife Toronto Vancouver Venice Vienna Washington DC
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UK Departures. For UK departures compare over 50 airlines and several major UK flight consolidators in one simple and comprehensive search. Search and find a wide selection of cheap flight seat only deals, search for availability with major schedule and charter airlines including leading UK flight consolidators. Search and find discount airfares with some of the top names in travel, including: Thomas Cook, e-bookers, Opodo, Easyjet and Airline Network. Flight4 can help you find the cheapest flight tickets and best airfare deals for your next holiday, business trip or city break holiday.
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Worldwide Departures. Flight4 can help you find and compare the latest discount airfares and cheap flight seat tickets originating from departure points around the world, including flight departures from UK airports and all major European cities. You can also search and compare discount airfares using our dedicated (UK departures only search) with cheap deals on both scheduled and charter holiday airlines plus low cost budget carriers.

Optional advanced search tools: You have the option to specify certain search criteria to help find the best cheap flight deals for your travel itinerary. You can search by cheapest flight price deal first, or by flight departure time range, or by specific airline selection, you can also include flight price and availability searches using low cost and budget airline options. Simply select the flight deal you want from the availability display, you are then linked directly to the airline or flight consolidator to complete your online reservation.

Flight4 is a leading online travel comparison site. F4 was developed with the intention of using technology to improve online travel services, with faster and more comprehensive searches, reduced costs, reduced research times and to help you save money and achieve more.

Start your cheap flight search now and see how much you can save. Compare the results from several major UK flight consolidators in one display then click to book direct from the airline or online agent.

Compare flights across many website's. Enter your travel details into the search panels above and check flight and airfare availability on more than 400 airlines, results are presented in a comprehensive overview for easy price comparison - in less than 60 seconds.

Flight4  partners collect fare displays from national and international online travel portals (e-bookers, Airline Network, Thomas Cook, Flight.co.uk, Avro, Freedom Flights etc) and from National Carriers (KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines etc) and from many low cost budget and charter airlines (Monarch, TUI, Air Berlin etc).

Flight4 in conjunction with its online partners believe that 'convenience'
and 'value' are two most important aspects to today's online traveller.
All of our travel partners have strict privacy and online security policies
they also adhere to strict operating guidelines and procedures as
directed by both airline and travel industry associations and trading
bodies. All our partners offer high levels of financial protection and customer service.

Flight4 is part of the Travel3 Directory. The Travel3 Directory is an innovative Internet Travel Service based in the UK. Our objective is to better the travelling experience by promoting numerous travel services, quality content and products and high levels of customer service. We provide an independent source of travel related products and services
that trade or advertise on the internet and that are based in the UK or
are providing services for customers living in the UK.

The Travel3 Directory including Flight4 (F4) do not directly sell travel products, air tickets, hotels or holidays and we do not act as a
travel agent. Please read our site terms of use.

Travel safe and happy searching.

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